Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

The part where they vanquish a dragon in a dungeon

The party decided to press on and prevent the dragon from hatching this nefarious plot. After slaying many kobolds, and discovering a kobold art student who had infiltrated the enemy ranks, they discovered the traitorous art teacher and his magic want. He revealed that he had been offered a bribe by the dragon to use the wand on Claymaker.

The party eventually confronted the dragon. Though the dragon attempted to retreat, Isaac used his bardic magic to draw the dragon out of her chamber and in to a hallway where the dragon’s powers would be less potent. The party fought the dragon valiantly, and it was a pitched battle. After being heavily wounded, the dragon made a last mad attack, and bit Isaac’s head off, killing him. Barbarus, enraged by this, quickly slew the dragon, and the rest of the party ran to Isaac’s body, despairing until Miria thought to use the holy water previously obtained from the heavenly plane of Elysium. This, fortunately, brought Isaac back to life.



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