Despite All Their Rage, they're Still a Bunch of Weirdos in a Cage

The part where they complete their first task

The guards having been readily dispatched, Barbarus took the initiative, with the rest close behind, to bound up the stone staircase the goblins were seemingly guarding. As he crested the hill, he saw an enormous horde of goblin troops, all appearing to guard a large cage, as well as a smaller group of goblins surrounding a few wererats and a goblin mage who seemed to be casting a spell.

In the cage, along with Mathus Niko and Moonflower, was a group of adventurers who had themselves been captured by the mysterious forces of evil (now known to be Rizarrio the Rat working for the goblins).

The group quickly decided that, despite the odds, it was imperative that they rescue Niko and the others. Over the course of the battle, a large part of the army was revealed to be phantom images conjured by the mage, which somehow nobody had noticed up to that point.

Meanwhile, in the cage, a strange, cube-like warforge began battering the door with its own body after a misunderstanding with a wizard. Eventually, this would yield actual results and the adventurers would break free.

The two groups of adventurers, working together, successfully dispatched the goblins before they could finish the sinister ritual they had intended for the sun and moon-touched individuals, and then parted ways.

Rizario the Rat, however, escaped during the battle.



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