The Fellowship of the Missing Priest in the Woods

The part where everyone sets out for adventure

On a fine day in Sprucegrove, the Sprucegrove Faire was just rolling in to town; the tombola was being set up, men of great strength were throwing tree trunks accross the open field, and the mood was pleasant. But at the back of the bazaar, something bizarre was afoot. A young lad who worked at the local church of Pelor, one Kanton, had just posted a notice on the church door, requiring adventurers keen of mind and strong for a job unspecified.

It just so happened that a Hospitaler of the order of Pelor, half-orc Korgol Manslicer, had just entered town that very morning. On seeing this notice, he decided that while he himself was keen of eye and strong of arm, he would need others to join him in this endeavor, and so he set to milling about the town, where he soon met cCaoimhe, a young fortune teller of the genasi race, and Fezzez Arkool, a genasi hunter who was plying his wares around the town. They both decided that they were up for a job if it paid well, and joined Korgol in heading back to the church.

At the church, our heroes learned that the priest of the church, Mathus Niko, had gone missing some 3 days ago in quite a mysterious fashion. After some careful investigation, it was discovered that the priest had been abducted by magical means to the forest, and so the group set out to the forest to find him, as you do.

On arriving at a clearing, they found a few goblins standing guard, and also Barbarus, a tribesman of a local shifter tribe who had been sent to find one of their own who had also been kidnapped in the same manner. Barbarus made an executive decision without wondering what the clan leaders would think, and joined this group of adventurers, perhaps the first time he would make such a decision. Together, the four slew the goblins with relative ease.



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