The Expositionables

The part where they find out a lot of stuff

Upon returning Moonflower and Mathus to Sprucegrove, Fezzez Arkool departed from the group, citing the fact that he really didn’t care about any of this and just wanted to perform this task for the reward. The rest, however, decided that the strange circumstances surrounding the kidnapped priest bore some further investigation, and asked Niko to account for himself.

He explained that he was known as a sun-touched, which means Pelor really likes him. He also explained that he lost his holy powers years ago when two of the Seekers of the Sun mercernaries (of which he, along with Mayor August of Sprucegrove and others), Amnon Endeavor the tiefling warlock and Kriv Greatclaw the dragonborn fighter, went rogue and tried to kill a god, and Niko and the other Seekers stopped them at a severe cost—Niko’s divine magical powers. He further went on to explain that the entire town of Sprucegrove sprung up around a portal to another dimension created by the rogue Tiefling, and that Niko and August stuck around to protect it very poorly.

Niko continued that he had become worried as of late, as right before he himself was kidnapped, he had lost contact with Albatross Rumblebelly Thistledown Softshoe Claymaker, another former Seeker of the Sun, and asked the remaining adventurers if they could please seek him out.

At about this time, two myserious characters, a human man and a halfling woman, broke in to the temple, knocking over the door, which had been mysteriously removed from it’s hinges. The man (who introduced himself as Isaac Dian) explained that he and his companion (Miria Harvent) were traveling yeomen of the Door Repairmen Guild, and that they had overheard Niko’s exposition and were interested in helping, as door repairing just wasn’t paying the bills lately, and that the two had always wanted a bit more adventure than could be found simply travelling from place to place, fixing doors. This being agreed upon, the group, now including Isaac and Miria, retired to sleep in the basement of the temple.

That night, Isaac, Miria, and Korgol all independently stumbled upon an enormous stone door behind large steel bars. Determining that no door should be left closed and unrepaired, the three roused the remaining adventurers and set about overcoming the barrier. Caoimhe provided the answer by simply flowing under the door and opening it from the other side while Korgol and Barbarus pried open the bars, weakened by Caoimhe’s acid.

Through the door was an Elysian paradise, with rolling fields and a lovely seashore. The group was immediately confronted by two imposing hooded figures, but managed to talk their way through the pair, determined to explore the area. They eventually met Trishina, a minor goddess, and had a long conversation, discovering more information about the portal that transported them there, that it was an unstable portal that could have brought the party anywhere, and also that, to the knowledge of a goddess of dolphins, there should have been no mysterious hooded figures guarding the gate.

After collecting some sanctified water from the plane as a souvenir, the party returned through the gate to the basement of the church, and, vowing to never speak of this to anybody, once again retired to sleep.



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