Wererat? There rat!

The part where they make their first enemy.

The next day, the group set out for the art school to retrieve the Seeker of the Sun from his art school. It was a long journey however, and our heroes needed to make camp. That night, they were attacked by a group of ratssassins under the banner of Rizarro the Rogue, who was also involved in the incident regarding Mathus Niko’s kidnapping. After a difficult battle, the heroes managed to repel the attackers, but Rizarro himself escaped, swearing vengeance on the party.

The next day the party arrived at Claymaker’s art school, which they soon discovered had been overrun by kobolds. After slaying some kobolds and having an extremely pitched battle with a Mimic, the SotSotS found some employees and students holed up in the kitchen, and also discovered the fate of Claymaker himself: he had been turned in to a statue by another staff member. Thus, a new goal was arrived at: to retrieve the magic want used to transmute the sculptor, and use it to turn the statue back to a man. They also learned from a dragonborn samurai that the kobolds were being led by a dragon, whose goal was to loot the school and turn it into a dragon’s lair. At request by the vanquished Samurai, Barbarus and Caoimhe left the school to bury the samurai outside.



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