The Genasi Druid


Unaligned female Genasi Druid (Sentinel)
-Travelled with a band of water genasi; family I guess
-Got captured by a Naityan Rakshasa Noble named Soorapadam impersonating a leader in a human town
-“Some naityan rakshasas find themselves driven to collect humanoids slaves of various races or even to bottle and store blood like vintners. A naityan rakshasa’s fur is black and bears bright red stripes”
-Experimented on b/c he wasn’t sure what was up with genasi blood
-Developed acid powers Hama style and broke out. Killed the Rakshasa (it would be level 19, so just the deathblow I guess)
-Now travelling to get more powerful and to find a specially blessed weapon (Brahmastra?) to stab it in the heart when it inevitably reincarnates and tracks her down
-so she’s REALLY happy about the holy water. Probably key to making/blessing a proper weapon
-probably also looking for stuff to trap/bind it since its so high level



(I’ll be back to edit the descrip and bio into actual organized info eventually)
For now, I’ve been trying to pin down Cao’s appearances and demeanors in each elemental form. This is the first draft:
Cao element spectrum
[Watersoul, Earthsoul, Causticsoul, Plaguesoul, Windsoul]
still needs work…


Everhelm Caoimhe