Acolyte of Pelor


Kanton was the young man who tended to the temple of Pelor in Sprucegrove. It was he that posted a notice of the church’s door requesting the help of brave adventurers to help recover the local priest, who had been kidnapped by goblins. It was thus Kanton who gathered together the majority of the main characters of the campaign.


He is a Half-Elf of medium height and build, with short dark hair and green eyes. He wears the traditional white robes and gold sash of an acolyte of Pelor.

Kanton enjoys whittling in his free time, and has three pet dogs, named Roger, Everret, and Graciel.

Kanton goes by Kant to his friends, though this often gets him teased by people, so he usually introduces himself as Kanton.

Kant’s best friend is named Will Dosir.

Portrait art from

Dragon Issue #269
Artist : Brad McDevitt
Can be found here


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