Miria Harvent

Awesome female halfling who likes dogs and daggers


Oh my god, I’m not doing this right now. Lord almighty.


Miria is a young, carefree halfling looking for adventure (and dinner). She travels the world with her lover, Isaac, who is the brains of their operation, which is more than okay, because she prefers to be the brawn.

She’s used to life on the road. Her family was once a troop of mostly halfling mummers (there was that one dwarf, but what with her shaved beard and all…), where she was sometimes an acrobat, sometimes a knife thrower, and mostly a dog tamer. She left them not that long ago in favor of the open road (and Isaac). It was a mutual decision between the mummers and herself, sparked in no small part by her propensity for fun, theft, and stabbing perceived threats.

Isaac swept in, a smooth talker and nearly incapable of stabbing anything at all, and then he swept out again with her and her dogsteed, Sandburg, in tow. They’ve had several adventures, involving, among other things, guilds, men made of ice, speaking trees, doors, trapdoors, broken windows, owls the size of houses, and a bevy of rabbits that can turn to stone and back (but only thrice). Some of that is true, some might not be.

Miria Harvent

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