Lightning Goat Extraordinaire


Hello my name is Oliver and yes I am a real (goat) boy


Oliver was birthed from a tree one fine afternoon on Mochi Mountain, a prime vacation spot in the Feywild. He grew up there without his goat-dad, who abandoned him as a kid (kid. get it. /slaps knee) so hung out with the trees and wildlife and things and that’s why he doesn’t know how to talk to people with any semblance of normality. He came down from Mochi Mountain to find his father at long last, but then he ran into the campaign and decided to stick around because Tanlin(?) is a raging (and smelly) bag of dicks and what he’s doing isn’t cool in Oliver’s book. Oliver also has a pet owl named Benedictus who doesn’t do much apart from looking unbearably cute at all times.


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