Ulisine's Ritual Book

A Battered Book of Rituals


Written in Deep Speech, this well thumbed old book was clearly once an ornately bound ritual book. Set with once gleaming brass fixtures and a locking mechanism, the book is now tarnished, stained, and grungy. It contains a multitude of rituals, notes, and writings. The writing gets steadily more difficult to read as you page further into the book. There is clearly more writing and ritual formulas after the barely legible pages on Demon Summoning, but it becomes impossible to read. What little you can make out reads like the ravings of a lunatic.


Rituals Contained (In this order):

Gentle Repose
Explosive Runes
Seal Death’s Door
Leomund’s Secret Chest
Change Self
Undead Servitor
Leomund’s Tiny Hut
Chameleon’s Cloak
View Location
Create Teleportation Circle
Lich Transformation (Incomplete)
Aberrant Totemic Link
Summon Demon

Ulisine's Ritual Book

Everhelm Pheonexking