Water of Celestia

Silver Holy Water From Celestia


Water of Celesta is a powerful lawfully good aligned magical consumable.

Water of Celestia Level 5 Rare
This silver water shines like flowing quicksilver, and emanates a powerful holy aura.
Alchemical Item: Volatile and Curative Formula Cost: N/A
Key Skill: Religion

Attack Power (Radiant) Consumable (Minor Action)
Attack: Ranged 3/6 (one undead creature or demon); +8 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d10 radiant damage.
Level 11 or 16: 3d10 radiant damage.
Level 21 or 26: 4d10 radiant damage.

Power (Healing) Consumable (Standard Action)
Target: One Creature
Water of Celestia can be used to provide an immediate save against all status effects at a +5 bonus. If the target saves the effect (or is not currently effected by a status ailment), the target may spend one healing surge with a bonus heal of +1d10.
Alternatively it can be used to grant an immediate save against death with a +2 bonus on the roll. This save against death an revive a creature even after 3 failed death saves, if the Water was administered immediately after the 3rd failed save.
If a creature was killed in a manner that denies death saves (taking damage equal to their bloodied value, etc.), but would still be at a hit point value above their total hit point value in the negatives, they may take a single death saving throw without the +2 bonus.


Water of Celestia

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