Claymaker Magical Art School

Claymaker Magical Art School, often simply called “The Art School,” is a college that trains artists, bards, and magic users wishing to learn how to utilize the magic inherent in art. On a functional level it focuses on teaching magical rituals, and the use of visual arts in the style of bardic music.

The school was started by Albatross Rumblebelly Thistledown Softshoe Claymaker about 15 years ago.

The school itself exists in a state of flux within the labyrinthine tunnels dug into the mountains around the Painted Valley. Due to the magical nature of the valley itself and the magical emanations created by the experimenting students and staff. It is not uncommon for the entire school to change the layout of it’s tunnels or even change location entirely.

It was recently discovered to be built over a functioning Orium mine, being run by the Illithid Master Ulsine

Claymaker Magical Art School

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