Sprucegrove is a moderately sized town in the far west of the Everhelm continent of Garrow.

The People

Sprucegrove is a town of around 5,000 beings. Mainly humans, elves, and halflings. Some of the more urban shifters live there as well. A few Dwarves have taken up residence there as well, but for the most part keep to themselves.

Acolyte Kanton assists in running the town’s temple of Pelor

Shepard Mathus Niko is the town’s priest of Pelor, and a former leader of the Seekers of the Sun Mercenaries.

August J. Fynch is the Mayor, and has been since the town was destroyed during the Battle of Celestia Falls.

Governer: Lord Kindred Nolastname is the Governor of the town on paper, as it falls within his territory, but he lives elsewhere.

The Places

Sprucegrove is surrounded by palisade walls about 12 feet high, with one main gate and several smaller exits.

A very large temple of Pelor is built over a hidden gateway to Celestia.

The Maddened Minotaur is the town’s main inn


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