Lord Breyart Tanlan Blackwolfe

The Smelly Despot


“A tall human in his late forties, Lord Tanlan exudes confidence. Having expanded his fortune through
savvy business dealings, he knows how to use money to get what he wants. His bribes, threats, and unfair deals have driven entire towns to poverty. Now he calls himself a lord, and he demands crushing taxes from the settlements he considers part of his fiefdom. Tanlan’s mercenaries make sure his tariffs and laws are enforced, but he prefers to wield the threat of violence rather than the real thing.”

Elderwood and many of the Characters there were written by Logan Bonner and posted in Dungeon #200 for the adventure “Blood Money”


Tanlan is Duke of Linderwin, with ambitions to become King of everything he can get his hands on. He is well monied, but fairly charmless, relying on his strong, albeit caustic, personality to command others. Capable of inspiring fear and/or admiration in his men, he is a calculating and capable leader.

Currently traveling with Hydra, and their leader Kameren, they are returning to Elderwood from a successful assault on Arbordale, which left dozens of refugees fleeing to nearby Sprucegrove. Elderwood is home to the Elderwood Keep, Tanlan’s home. The keep towers above the city, constantly reminding the citizens who master and enemy is.

Tanlan is not content with just Linderwin, and has set his sights on taking ((I don’t remember the name of the country we live in)) piece by piece, due in no small part to his ambitious nature, but also because of the increasingly limited resources of the increasingly freezing Linderwin (WITCHCRAFT!) After Arbordale, he has his sights set on Toad’s Hollow.

Tanlan keeps a large amount of silver in his keep in order to mint the Iron Crowns used to pay his mercenaries. The vault and mint are guarded by a magical entity. It is also impossible to lie to Tanlan. Witchcraft. Just saying.

Lord Breyart Tanlan Blackwolfe

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