Daughter of the Moon


Moonflower is a female Shifter of the Supil tribe. Physically she looks to be about twelve years of age, but she is in actuality about sixteen or seventeen. In addition, her eyes, rather than being brown or green like those of most Shifter are bright silver, and seem to almost glow. The oddities of her appearance are attributed to the fact that Moonflower is one of the very rare individuals known as a Touched. Touched, are individuals which, by fate or divine activity, have been physically and mentally changed in the womb by a force from another realm, specifically that of Sehanine. In the case of Moonflower she is refered to as a Moontouched for this reason.


Picture Credit: Paloma Farmer with very slight saturation tweaking by Pheonexking.

Picture Comment: Like this, only with silver eyes and fangs.


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